We offer a wide variety of water truck services in Calgary and throughout Alberta. If you have a need that isn't listed get in touch as we are sure we can get the job done for you, on time and right the first time.

Potable Water

Need potable water, aka drinking water? We can maintain a fresh water supply for your campsite, work site, at residential and commercial locations 24 hours a day.  Give us a call to set up a safe drinking water schedule.

Emergency Response Water Services

During an emergency incident such as a wild fire, flooding or other major incident we can provide you with the right truck for the job.  If it's to provide water or to remove water, we have the right truck to meet your needs and available when you need it.


We provide water services for General Construction and compaction work. Our water trucks can not only fulfill your water construction needs but our sister company can use vacuum trucks to clear water from flooded areas to let you get on with your project.

Dust Control

Our trucks are equipped with rear sprayers and adjustable valves to give an even full spread to control dust, support demolition projects and aid site compaction at a level suitable for your job site or construction project. All trucks are also equipped with cannons for directed spraying.

Garden services

Our water trucks equipped with boom sprayers and directed sprayers to correctly irrigate your garden, golf course and trees. Whether it is a municipality looking for water trucks to irrigate their landscapes or a private garden needing scheduled watering we can meet your needs with our varied truck sizes and designs. Need a pond filled? We can do that too!

Swimming Pool Fills

Got a swimming pool that needs filled? We have the trucks for the project! Our large water trucks can provide the water you need letting you get your operations up and running in no time.

Skating rinks

With winter comes skating and hockey. Contact us today and schedule a water truck to fill your private or public skating rink in time for the big freeze.  Our water trucks service ice rinks not only in Calgary but anywhere in Alberta.

Rig Operations

We understand having enough water is essential to ensure successful and fluid rig operations. We can provide your rig site with enough water to function without interruption and schedule a continued supply to make sure you stay on task. We work with our clients and make it our mission to understand their needs. Our sister company can provide sanitation services for your rig site.

Pipe line welding fire guard

Our sprayers and water cannons will provide your welding operation with a professional water defense to keep your workers and the project safe.  We have high gallon capacity water trucks to ensure your project can continue without interruption and remain safe.

Ice Road construction

Our large capacity water trucks with directed sprayers and cannons will not only construct an ice road specific to your needs and design but because we have large capacity water trucks we will do it on time and efficiently for you. We also maintain and repair ice roads to ensure they perform at their optimum throughout the season.

General water hauling

Got another water need?  We know that our fleet of water trucks can meet your needs when you need it. Get in contact with us today and we will have a water truck dispatched to you before you know it.

Vacuum trucks

Our sister company, SepticSourece have a fleet of vacuum trucks that are able to get rid of waste fluid, drain septic tanks, clear flooded areas and a lot more. They provide residential and commercial vacuum truck services and service all job sizes all over Alberta. They service the construction industry, municipalities, Oil and Gas, agricultural companies and provide flood relief. Check them out here.


Dry Steam is a preferred method of De-greasing and cleaning when wanting to avoid large amounts of waste water accumulating around the work areas. Extreme hot stream services for heavy equipment De-greasing, cleaning, thawing and many other industrial and commercial steam blasting requirements. Combined steam / hot water blasting with our Vac trucks for excess debris removal will ensure a clean work area after job completion. 

The differences between high - pressure washing using hot water vs. our dry steam truck is the amount of water used. Dry steam leaves very little residual water leaving the areas safe and mostly dry.

Lift Station Cleaning

Maintaining a clean and clear lift station will ensure your pumps operate at they optimal level and use less power to do so. We can drain your lift station, clean it and get it back up and running for you in no time. Call us today your schedule your next lift station clean.